Who We Are

Richland County is a Democratic powerhouse. Home to the largest number of voting Democrats in South Carolina, Richland County enjoys a wide and growing majority of Democratic voters: 70% in the 2018 election. One of the most populous counties in the state, Richland is blessed with a large and engaged community of volunteers and activists with diverse talents.

The Richland County Democratic Party (RCDP) is a service organization that builds political power to advocate on behalf of Democratic voters in Richland County. We are a grassroots organization, which means that our members build political power through personal interactions within their own communities.

Our key values:

  • The party is inclusive. Our success depends upon forming a broad coalition that spans all races, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities.
  • We uphold a culture of accountability, respect, and gratitude toward our donors, employees, volunteers, and voters.
  • The party is Democratic. Our leadership, platform, and agenda are chosen by our members.


What We Do

The first job of the county party is to help win elections through grassroots organizing. The county party recruits volunteers, registers voters and contacts Democratic voters to increase turnout. The county party works to support our Democratic elected officials in advancing our agenda. The party also seeks to raise public awareness about Democratic issues, policies and values.

In 2018 the county party devoted itself to grassroots organizing to grow the party and to win elections. The RCDP recruited hundreds of volunteers and raised enough funds to employ over fifty paid field staff. Together the staff and volunteers knocked on over 38,000 doors for the election. This operation played a critical role in successfully flipping State Senate District 20, which had been in Republican hands for over thirty years. Our success was also evident from the historically high Democratic turn-out in Richland County.

In 2019 the party is building on its success. We are continuing our grassroots organizing in preparation for the 2020 election. The RCDP is committed to organizing and engaging voters all year, every year, not just at election time.