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Richland County Democratic Party
Richland County Democratic Party
A note from Matt Kisner, RCDP Chair:

This Friday Donald Trump will be speaking in Columbia at Benedict College.

In the midst of his historic obstruction of the impeachment inquiry, let's make a statement. No one is above the law.

There will be a protest rally at the Statehouse when Trump speaks, at 3pm, Friday 10/25. (Presidential security makes it impossible to stage a protest at Benedict.) The protest is hosted by 350 Columbia, Indivisible Midlands, and Gary M. Votour.

Afterward, commit to building our party by joining fellow Democrats for our fundraiser party at the Hangar.

It is ironic that Trump is speaking at an HBCU, given his pattern of racist remarks and policies. Let's show him what it means to support HBCU's by raising money for our internship program with Benedict College and Allen University.

RCDP Fall Fundraiser
Benefiting The Future Is Now, a partnership with SC College Democrats
Friday, October 25, 6pm
The Hunter-Gatherer at the Hangar
1402 Jim Hamilton Boulevard
Admission is $25 with a portion of the bar benefiting the cause.
Tickets and donations here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/rcdpfutureisnow

Our featured guest is Columbia City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem, Tameika Isaac Devine.

I hope to see you there!
Richland County Democratic Party
Richland County Democratic Party
There is a cult of secrecy at the Department of Commerce and the public has a right to know how their money is being spent. It's past time to pull back the curtain and see what the facts are.
Richland County Democratic Party
Richland County Democratic Party
Mark Zuckerberg admits that Facebook is complicit in spreading false information.
Richland County Democratic Party
Richland County Democratic Party
Musician lifts up HBCU SC State with gift of $250K.

Why is this a political post? Because a rapper - giving his own money - cares more about the huge impact HBCUs have on the lives of their students than the current Secretary of Education does.

Let's applaud this, but TAKE ACTION to vote for Dems who understand and know how to support HBCUs, higher ed AND public K-12.

We celebrate and applaud this generous gift, but it should not fall to an individual to shore up this important segment of the public education system.
Richland County Democratic Party
Richland County Democratic Party
HUD officials deliberately stalled to keep Puerto Rico from getting hurricane relief funds.

"The housing agency was supposed to issue funding notices to 18 states affected by disasters on Sept. 4. They published all the notices except Puerto Rico’s. The publication of the notice would have allowed Puerto Rico to start drafting a plan that would create the structures needed to manage the much-needed funds.

"Two years after Maria, Puerto Rico has received a third of the roughly $43 billion Congress allocated toward hurricane recovery efforts such as rebuilding tens of thousands of homes with damaged roofs, many still covered with blue tarps."


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