We Stand Together

RCDP Statement
Regarding George Floyd

The senseless murder of George Floyd has shaken our community to its core.

Police officers take an oath to protect the people, yet these officers betrayed their oath in the most despicable way by ignoring the desperate pleas of a human being fighting for breath.

This injustice should outrage all Americans, whatever their color and wherever they live.

Derek Chauvin did not listen to George Floyd’s cry for help. But we hear him. Now all of the nation hears him.

The Richland County Democratic Party joins people everywhere crying out for justice. Our hearts ache in solidarity with a nation in mourning. We stand with those ready to face institutionalized racism and to build a country where nobody has to live in fear of the officers and the institutions that are entrusted with their safety and protection.

Fighting racism and injustice is not the task of any one group. It is not a task that is assigned to the victims. This responsibility belongs to all of us. Let this tragedy bring us together in the service of justice for all. And may it inspire all of us to take greater vigilance and responsibility to confront racism and injustice in every corner of our lives.

South Carolina Primary Election
Tuesday 09 June 2020

Polling places have moved and been combined.

Look up your voting location on scvotes.org
or at the Richland County Election Commission website.

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2020 RCDP Virtual Convention
has been archived
and is available here.

RCDP Office Closure

Due to the health and safety concerns for our community from coronavirus-19, the Richland County Democratic Party (RCDP) office is closed to the public until further notice.

While the office will be closed, we continue doing the business of the RCDP.

If you have any questions or concerns,

please call 803-939-5966

and/or email

Thank you for your understanding. Please stay safe and healthy!

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