Voter Registration & Elections of Richland County has issued new polling places for several precincts and a ward for the Nov. 3, 2020, General Election. You can download the revisions in this graphic HERE.


On Oct. 21, 2020, a piece of mail was sent to voters in lower Richland that identified candidates for School Board as being endorsed by the South Carolina Democratic Party. The SCDP disavows this fraudulent mailer.

Executive Director Jay Parmley issued a statement. You can find it HERE

The South Carolina Democratic Party has not endorsed any candidate in the non-partisan School Board race. The SCDP has referred this matter to investigators.

Please help to correct this misinformation by posting and sharing this information with voters.

Voter Information Sites

In-person voting is open to all voters and is happening now at six voting locations. Locations, hours and other information can be found at the Richland County Election Commission website.

Additional Information at

Here are links to answers to SCVotes for commonly asked voting questions.

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Am I registered to vote?

I want to register to vote. Can I do that online?

I moved. Do I need to update my address to vote?

I’m ready to vote. Where do I go to do that?

South Carolina has a Voter ID law. What ID do I need?

I will be traveling during the election. How do I vote?

Learn about the Democratic party at SCDP.

Jesica Mackey wins Richland County Council District 9 runoff

From The Post and Courier

by Chris Trainor

Jessica Mackey

“Jesica Mackey has narrowly won a special Democratic primary in Richland County Council’s District 9 and likely will claim the seat in November.”

“Mackey, a public relations executive, outlasted Jonnieka Farr, a business analyst, in a Sept. 22 Democratic primary runoff.”

“Mackey nabbed 52 percent of the vote, while Farr got 48 percent. Mackey got 631 votes, while Farr got 585.”

“The county election commission will certify the race on Thursday, Sept. 24.”

Read the full article here.

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