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Join the party! There is something for everybody, regardless of your abilities and availability. Please provide your information below so that we can connect you with our team and provide you with opportunities to get involved.

To grow the party, the RCDP engages year-round in organizing voting precincts: identifying teams of volunteers in each of Richland County’s 149 voting precincts. These volunteers help to register voters, and to engage voters in their communities.In addition to organizing and election work, the party works to advance the Democratic agenda through two standing committees. Meeting times for those (and other groups) can be found on our Calendar.

The Communications Committee oversees a communications network that raises public awareness of the party, its activities, values, legislative agenda and elected officials. The communications network includes various media: email, the RCDP newsletter, traditional journalism (print and digital), and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

Members should have an interest or experience in at least one of the following: (a) journalism; (b) marketing and communications strategy; (c) using social media; (d) video production or editing; (e) graphic design; (f) layout and production software.

The Legislative Action Committee oversees RCDP activism and advocacy work to advance our legislative and policy agenda. Activities include Issues Forums, Letter Writing Campaigns, Citizen Lobbying efforts.

Members should have an interest or experience in at least one of the following: (a) political activism; (b) public policy; (c) legislative monitoring; (d) working with elected officials and legislative bodies; (e) event planning.

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