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Volunteer to join the largest Get-Out-The-Vote effort in the history of Richland County! The Richland County Democratic Party is entirely volunteer run. That means that we need help from people like you.

Please provide your information below so that we can connect you with our team and provide you with opportunities to get involved.

Where you're registered to vote. With this, we can identify your polling place.

In preparation for the 2018 Midterm elections, the Richland County Democratic Party has two main volunteer efforts.

The first is registering new voters. We are looking for volunteers to help us register new voters at festivals, churches, schools and other venues. Our volunteer coordinators will direct you to voter registration events and provide you with materials.

The second is helping to turn-out Democratic voters. If you want to get involved in your own neighborhood, volunteer to help organize your voting precinct. A voting precinct is the area that votes at a particular location. Organizing your precinct means reaching out to your neighbors by hosting neighborhood events for Democrats and recruiting a volunteer team in your precinct.

For everyone else, there are many opportunities to help support the county party’s organizing work. Consider coming in to the RCDP office for regular hours every week.

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