COVID 19 DAY of MOURNING – Funeral Procession

May 28, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Leevy's Funeral Home
1831 Taylor St
Columbia, SC
Maria Reyes
+1 803.234.0261



Republican leaders’ complete lack of a coordinated response has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths due to COVID-19. The lack of national leadership from the Trump administration during this crisis, and our state officials’ refusal to follow medical recommendations, has consistently put our safety and our lives at risk, especially in communities of color. In South Carolina, we’re taking action.

People are dying without the ability to collectively be memorialized. That’s why we are coming together for a symbolic funeral procession.


We will meet at Leevy’s Funeral Home:

1831 Taylor St, Columbia, SC, 29201

Travel together in a procession of our cars to Senator Lindsey Graham’s Midlands Campaign Office:

1410 Colonial Life Blvd, Suite 140


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Registration Deadline
2020-05-28 4:00 PM