Did you know…?

  • The Richland County Democratic Party is financially independent. It does not receive funding from the National Democratic Party or the South Carolina Democratic Party.
  • The main job of County Parties is to turn out Democratic voters, whereas political campaigns focus on persuading voters.
  • Richland County is home to the largest number of Democratic voters in South Carolina. We are key to winning statewide races.

Support the RCDP

One way you can help support the RCDP is by buying and showing off our merchandise! Holidays are coming up – do you have a strong supporter that you still need to buy gifts for? Support us by buying some of our swag!

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Show your true colors

While we welcome all gifts, regular monthly donors provide us with the financial security to focus on winning elections and to plan for the future. By committing to monthly donations, you become a True Blue member, which entitles you to special recognition and invitations to exclusive events. Donors typically give 20$ a month, but any amount is appreciated.

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You may also send a check payable to:

RCDP, PO Box 446, Columbia SC, 29202

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