Start the Process Now to Vote by Mail!

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, South Carolina has no plan to ensure voter safety at the polls. Nobody should have to risk their health to vote during a pandemic.

But you can vote safely by mail. It’s best if you act NOW. You can request that a ballot be sent to your home to vote by mail for you and your immediate family members, including your spouse, parents, children, grandchildren and siblings.  

It’s best if you do it NOW. Here is a video explaining the steps to obtain an application to apply for an absentee voting ballot, how to send the application in to the Richland County Board of Elections, how to prepare the ballot once you have it and how to get it back to the Board of Elections so that your vote will be counted.

Time is of the essence!

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Vote Safe

Image of long line of voters - some with masks and others without.

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic,

our state has no plan.

Governor McMaster’s recent education press conference was not attended by the State Superintendent because they can’t agree about school reopening in less than a month.

Rep. Wendy Brawley (D-Richland) says the governor’s choice for parents is no choice at all.

Should we be surprised that the state doesn’t have a plan for voting either?

We need our elected officials to move to expand absentee voting so that all South Carolina voters can vote safely by mail in November. Nobody should have to risk their health to vote during a pandemic.

The RCDP is spearheading a letter writing campaign to ensure that our elected officials hear from us. Will you write a letter to your elected officials to help push them to expand absentee voting? Click here for instructions on how to write a letter and where to send it.

Voting absentee in the comfort of your home will ensure safety and privacy. We need your vote to push change that will get us out of the condition we are in and turn South Carolina blue. The election is a little over 100 days away!

Vote Safe

In Solidarity,
Matt Kisner, Chairman
Richland County Democratic Party

RCDP Office Closure

Due to the health and safety concerns for our community from coronavirus-19, the Richland County Democratic Party (RCDP) office is closed to the public until further notice.

While the office will be closed, we continue doing the business of the RCDP.

If you have any questions or concerns,

please call 803-939-5966

and/or email

Thank you for your understanding. Please stay safe and healthy!

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