Archived 2020 RCDP Convention

Richland County Democratic Party 2020 Virtual Convention
A Word from RCDP Sponsor, Senator Dick Harpootlian

2020 RCDP Convention

2020 Videos Made Available
April 18th – June 1st

RCDP Convention 2.0

In the interests of health and safety, the RCDP is hosting its first ever Remote Convention, where Democrats can participate fully from the comfort and safety of their homes.

The Remote Convention will have two parts.

The first part is an optional video convention that will be available to the public online. It will include greetings from our elected officials, stump speeches by candidates for office, and our keynote address by Jaime Harrison!

The second part of the convention is a mail-in component. All delegates to the convention will be mailed packets containing all of the printed materials that they need to participate, including ballots. Delegates have the option of watching the online video content, but this is not required to participate.

RCDP Convention Voting Results

Our vote-by-mail ballot results are now available.

RCDP Officer Election Results

Chair: Matt Kisner
1st Vice Chair: Deyaska Spencer
2nd Vice Chair: Deborah Breedlove
3rd Vice Chair: Walter Clyburn Reed

Executive Committeewoman: Beverly Frierson
Alternate Executive Committeewoman: Emily Scott
Executive Committeeman: Marcurius Byrd
Alternate Executive Committeeman: Mike McCauley

Click here for the 2020-2022 Richland County SCDP Delegates List.

State delegates who wish to run to become national delegates can find information here. Because of the pandemic, the deadline for completing the National Delegate Filing Form has been extended to May 11. At this time, details regarding the SCDP convention and the national convention have not been decided. Inquiries should be directed to the SCDP.

Thanks to everyone who ran, voted, volunteered and participated. Conducting the largest county convention in the state is already a monumental task. Conducting it remotely (for the first time) has been Herculean.

Welcome and Call to Order

RCDP Executive Director
Debora Lloyd


Dr. Ivory Thigpen
State Representative
House District 79

Pledge of Allegiance

Melissa Watson leads us in the Pledge

Greetings from U.S. Congressman
James E. Clyburn

Greetings from
our Elected Representatives

State of the County Address

RCDP Chairman
Matt Kisner

Introduction of
Keynote Speaker

SCDP Chairman
Trav Robertson

Keynote Address

U.S. Senatorial Candidate
Jaime Harrison

Meet our 2020 Candidates

Adair Boroughs
U.S. Congress

Rhodes Bailey
SC House
District 75

Heather Bauer
SC House
District 75

Dr. Jermaine Johnson
SC House
District 80

Gretchen Barron
Richland County Council
District 7

Jonneika Farr
Richland County Council
District 9

T. Wayne Gilbert
Richland County Council
District 8

Hamilton Grant
Richland County Council
District 8

Derrek Pugh
Richland County Council
District 2

Jerry Rega
Richland County Council
District 9

Overture Walker
Richland County Council
District 8

Screen Cast Symbol

Our convention is “Cast” friendly for mobile users. Simply click on the Screen Cast symbol on the upper left of each video, and you have the option to cast the video on your Smart TV (which must be set up to receive casts).

Trouble-shooting: We have tried to provide a single file type (.mp4) for our videos so that a single playback device is all that is needed. The exception to that is two videos that are in an .m4v format. Those formats have not been cross-tested across devices.

There are quite a few videos here. Should you begin to encounter issues in playback, here are a few suggestions.

1. Close all other programs/applications
2. In your browser settings, empty your cache and/or browser storage file.
3. Delays may occur should server traffic be heavy. Visit at another time.

19 thoughts on “Archived 2020 RCDP Convention

    1. Thank you for all that has been accomplished the last two years, and also for making our convention available online!

  1. Yep- I , of course , thought that high traffic views would impact viewers and I will visit another time . I was watching on my iphone .
    Also – the length of the videos affected whether you were able to view these videos .
    So – I will attempt to view videos at a later date and report back .
    BTW : feedback to recorded folks : the best videos were folks who did NOT read their scripts .
    I really appreciate these videos and were impressed with the candidates .
    Elaine Cooper

  2. I enjoyed all parts of the convention; especially being able to listen to the candidates without any distractions. However, I miss the comraderie of my fellow brothers and sisters! It encourages me that we know to revert back to the old saying that when life gives you lemons; you make lemonade!!! Thank you for the refreshing glass of homemade lemonade this morning! Let’s keep pushing forward all the way to the Whitehouse!!!

  3. This was wonderful! Great to hear from elected officials and those that are currently running for office.! Stay safe.

  4. Thanks for finding a way for us to be involved and protect our friends, neighbors, and loved ones by staying home!

  5. Deborah and Matt,
    Thank you for creating this excellent virtual convention. You and your team did a great job of putting all this together with the recorded video greetings and issue focuses from our elected officials and candidates.

    Thank you, Matt, for your terrific summary – you have been a tremendous leader for RCDP these last 2 years.

    Hey, I have an idea: Let’s add more democrats across the state! Jaime for Senate. Adair for Congress, and oh yes, Joe for President!!

    Go Blue, SC, Go Blue SC, Go Blue SC!!

    Julie Lumpkin, Ward 25

  6. This format is bliss for an introvert like me. I enjoyed watching (and actually hearing) everyone.
    Richland County Dems have a deep bench. Thanks to Matt, Debora, and Cynthia as well as all the county party officers on a job well done. Let’s be innovative in how we reach out to our community and win November. Go RCDP!

  7. This is the first I’ve heard about the convention and I have not received any information in the mail even though I am a precinct secretary from Polo Road!

    1. Hi Janice – Delegate mailings were sent out late this last week. If you don’t receive your mailing by the end of Tuesday, please contact the RCDP Executive Director. There is an announcement about the convention and the mailings at There is also information about the necessary closure of the office, and how to contact the RCDP Executive Director. Hope this helps!

    2. Hi Janice – A quick update … Delegates’ packets were mailed last week. Delegates’ ballots were mailed this morning. Those may arrive later than Tuesday. Thank you for your patience!

  8. Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make this convention a success. I’m proud to be a democrat and proud of the work that Matt has done to make the RCDP what it is today.

  9. Great Work you leaders of the RCDP provided us with this virtual convention. A wonderful team led by a great party chair. And thanks to the unsung heroes who are always behind a great leader like Matt. I appreciate each of you.

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